Our Vision

Contribute to a real green revolution by provision of sustainable and affordable energy at low installation and maintenance costs and high utilization/ amortization


One Aeerstatica energy airship can generate more than 10 million kWh per year. A fleet of 50 airships substitute at least 1 million tons of CO2 per year.


Comparable invest per kWh harvested per year, compared to conventional wind installations.

Low cost

The cost of one kWh generated by an Aeerstatica airship is less than 0,03 EUR.



Aeerstatica was founded in 2020 in Ravensburg, Germany, by Johannes and David Gerber

Both brothers worked on the concept since many years, now bringing wind energy to the next level


November 26th 2023:

Schwäbische - Two brothers want to revolutionize wind power with an airship (Read more...)

November 21st 2023:

Wirtschaftsraum Augsburg - Generate electricity efficiently with high-altitude wind (Read more...)

October 31st 2023:

ingenieur.de - Airships as wind turbines (Read more...)

October 28th 2023:

aeroTELEGRAPH - Airships from Germany to bring about the energy transition (Read more...)

October 24th 2023:

Concept approved! Airship complete and airborne! (View Images)

May 25th 2022:

Interview with David Gerber, CEO of Aeerstatica (www.technewable.com)

March 21st 2022:

Strategic Partnership to build a prototype (Read more...)

Image Gallery

Airship complete and airborne! Concept approved!

First Prototype Video

March 2nd 2023: Prototype 1


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